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Preventive Oncology


A specialty within oncology called "preventive oncology" focuses on important methods that may prevent the development of cancer or slow its course.

The Department of Preventive Oncology Asarfi Cancer Institute provides a range of services for cancer prevention. These include:

  • Early detection of premalignant oral, breast and cervical lesions through community and opportunistic screening and prevention of risk factor such as tobacco cessation counselling. Evidence based treatment of pre-cancer lesion and prompt referral to disease management groups for timely treatment of diagnosed malignancy.
  • Community outreach projects in urban wards and rural blocks of Dhanbad district for oral, breast and cervical cancer screening.
  • Population based cancer registry to assess the burden of cancer in Dhanbad district.
  • Hospital based cancer registry to support Hospital administration.
  • Community education programme regarding hazards of tobacco, tobacco cessation and risk factors of preventable cancers for schools and college students, front line workers namely ASHA, ANM, Anganwadi workers, Nagar Nigam workers, Nurses and Medical officers.
  • Continuous Medical Education and awareness programme for preventable cancer risk factors, early detection and referral for hospital.
  • Capacity building for oral, breast and cervical cancer screening by training nurses Dentist, Medical Officers, Nurses, front line workers for methods of screening and risk factor detection.